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The AirSafe consists of a flow duct and an integral triboelectric dust sensor. A current of air is drawn through the duct at approximately 100 m3/h. Particles carried in the air current pass through the sensor, this generates a charge transfer, which is used as the measurement signal. This signal is converted to electrical process outputs which could be used for display or control.
  • The AirSafe flow duct is 500 mm long and 100 x 100 mm square. 
  • The integral dust sensor has a relay output which energizes when the set limit is exceeded.
  • The unit is pre-calibrated. 
  • The alert point is set to approximately 25 mg/m³ of dust.
  • The user can set his own alarm threshold (This may be set within a range of approximately 5 mg/m³ to 150 mg/m³). 
  • The alert point can be changed in steps of 5 mg by pressing a button.
  • As well as a contact closure output, the sensor also has an RS 485 output which can be connected to a wall mount or DIN rail mount transmitter. 

The output from the transmitter is a standard 4 . . . 20 mA process output

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