The ProSens is a microprocessor-based and pre-adjusted instrument for measuring dust in air streams. 

​The ProSens monitors the clean air section behind filter components and measures dust concentration in exhaust air ducts. It is a compact unit consisting of a sensor and transmitter, enclosed in an IP66 enclosure, which is designed for easy installation and operation. The standard transmitter is enclosed in the IP65 housing and incorporates a touchscreen.

​The PC software allows for configuration and calibration, which included the setting of internal parameters like; filter time, alarm hold time, etc. With the software you can monitor signal trends and log protocol files. ProSens can process pressures up to 2 bars and process temperature up to 150 °C. An optional version is to be used in EX-zones category 3 (gas & dust). The sensor is connected to the transmitter using a 4 wire cable.

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